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50 questions

  • 1: What would you name your future daughter?
  • 2: Do you miss anyone?
  • 3: What if I told you that you were pretty?
  • 4: Ever been told “it’s not you, it’s me”?
  • 5: What are you looking forward to in the next week?
  • 6: Did you go out or stay in last night?
  • 7: How late did you stay up last night?
  • 8: Do you ever get “good morning” texts from anyone?
  • 9: What were you doing at 12:30 this afternoon?
  • 10: Have you ever told somebody you loved them and not actually meant it?
  • 11: Could you go for the rest of your life without drinking alcohol?
  • 12: Have you pretended to like someone?
  • 13: Favorite blog you follow?
  • 14: Is there one person in your life that can always make you smile?
  • 15: Is it hard for you to get over someone?
  • 16: Do you think age matters in relationships?
  • 17: Have you ever cried from being so mad?
  • 18: How do you feel about tattoos on someone you are interested in?
  • 19: Did your last kiss take place in/on a bed?
  • 20: Who did you last see in person?
  • 21: What is the last thing you said out lot?
  • 22: Have you kissed three or more people in one night?
  • 23: Have you ever been to Paris?
  • 24: Are you good at hiding your feelings?
  • 25: Do you use chap stick?
  • 26: Have you kissed more than 5 people since the start of 2012?
  • 27: What was the last thing you ate?
  • 28: What do you look like? (Post a picture!)
  • 29: Were your last three kisses from the same person?
  • 30: Who was the last person you were on the phone with?
  • 31: Do you wear the hood on your hoodie?
  • 32: Anybody on Tumblr that you’d go on a date with?
  • 33: What do people call you?
  • 34: Have you ever wanted to tell someone something but didn’t?
  • 35: Are there any stressful situations in your life?
  • 36: Do you wish your skin was lighter or darker?
  • 37: What is wrong with you right now?
  • 38: What was the last movie you watched in the theater?
  • 39: Do you make wishes at 11:11?
  • 40: What is on your wrists right now?
  • 41: Who is most likely to respond to a text from you?
  • 42: Where did you get the shirt/sweatshirt you’re wearing?
  • 43: Have you ever regretted kissing someone?
  • 44: Are you still friends with people from kindergarten?
  • 45: Scariest thing you've ever seen on the internet?
  • 46: What were you doing at midnight last night?
  • 47: Do you miss the way things were six months ago?
  • 48: Would you rather sleep with someone else or alone?
  • 49: Have you ever been to New York?
  • 50: Think of the last person who said I love you, do you think they meant it?



who was the asshole that decided tattoos looked unprofessional 

the generation that did is dying out so don’t worry

Windows In Heaven, We Are The In Crowd

Windows In Heaven, We Are The In Crowd


okay guys i know next to nobody will reblog this but please

if a family member has ever made a “harmless” comment (what have you done to your hair/what the hell are you wearing/etc)  to you about your appearance and it hurt you, please reblog this, i need to show my mum and step dad the notes.

Looks like I’m going back

To Africa! Yay





take 6 seconds of your life to watch this and then take an hour more to relish in it

i watched this yesterday and am still thinking about this